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Incremental Development is a Boston based commercial real estate acquisition company. Our company’s team is comprised of NFL Athletes, Attorneys, Accountants, Property Managers, and Real Estate Advisors. We target conservative investment assets that have long term leases with strong credit tenants already in place. These assets have to meet the strict criteria set forth by I.D. to ensure that their performance, strength and corporate stability, create an asset that carries low risk and a strong cash on cash return. Our approach to internally underwriting each investment is conservative and reflects extensive research that is performed while qualifying a prospective opportunity. Our criteria, among other things, we consider: the location of the real estate in core markets, the tenant’s must be of investment grade, corporate guaranteed leases, escalating rents, long term (NNN) triple net leases, zero landlord expenses, and immediate cash returns. Out of all our company attributes, our teams experience and relationships are unequivocally the most valuable. We focus on solidifying and nurturing these, and understand their importance with regards to running a successful business.

Co-principals of Incremental Development

The founding co-principals of Incremental Development are partially comprised of current members of the National Football League.  As a result of their experience and in response to the experience of other current and former NFL players, it was acknowledged that insufficient opportunities were available to a majority of the league’s members to conservatively preserve and grow their capital resources; not only during their playing days, but also as they made the transition out of professional sports and into the next phase of their lives.

Understanding this with first-hand knowledge and experience, a goal of Incremental Development is to assist current and former players in bridging the financial gap between their “playing days” and “post playing days” through the conservative investment of their resources in commercial real estate. Incremental Development’s strate gy and focus is on the acquisition of properties that adhere to the following criteria:

  • Immediate Cash Returns
  • “Going In” Specified Rates of Return
  • Real Estate Located in Core Markets
  • Investment Grade Tenants
  • Corporate Backed Guarantees
  • Escalating Rents
  • Long Term Leases
  • Absolute Triple Net (Zero Landlord Expenses Excluding Debt Service)
  • Long Term Capital Appreciation

The principals of Incremental Development have a keen understanding regarding the current volatility of the capital markets both domestically and globally along with their direct impact on the commercial real estate market.  Since its inception, Incremental Development has achieved the above stated goals and will continue to do so by taking a conservative approach throughout the selection process.  This being stated, it is the philosophy of Incremental Development, that sound underwriting and a highly defined approach to selection can yield consistent results and returns.

Incremental Development’s performance to date, as well as its clearly defined goals, should serve to foster confidence in the professional athlete who understands the importance of investing ones’ financial resources in tangible, conservative assets that will allow for the preservation and maintenance of an athlete’s wealth over that individual’s lifetime.

Understanding the ownership structure of these investments is pivotal. Each asset is owned by a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Realty Trust.  These entities are recorded in the State in which they are formed and also may be found on record in the Registry of Deeds.  Any members (Owners) or any person with a beneficial interest respective to the property is on record. Having the opportunity to readily demonstrate ones’ ownership interest in the asset in conjunction with being able to physically touch the “bricks and mortar” eliminates any potential notion of a “blind asset” for the investor(s).

Incremental Development’s team has an insider’s understanding regarding the daily demands of the modern day professional athlete. An athlete must give every focus to the rigors of the current season or the preparations required for the upcoming season.  This having been stated, in most cases, professional athletes will rely on other individuals or firms that have the track record and expertise to assist them in achieving their financial goals.  Incremental Development is intent on partnering with an exclusive group of individuals.  The firm will pay particular attention to each prospective investor’s credit rating and history, current financial status, financial goals and other intangible qualities in determining the viability of all investor candidates.  With this in mind, the principals of Incremental Development look forward to speaking with you in more detail about investment opportunities in commercial real estate.

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